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At Higgins Locksmiths, you will be happy to find that I offer a plethora of Durham locksmith services at the most reasonable prices. As a locksmith In Durham, my service packages include lock repairs for both commercial and residential properties, as well as euro profile and mortise lock services; I also specialize in UPVC and key cutting services for my clients. At Higginslocksmiths.co.uk I go the extra mile for your peace of mind.

Commercial Locksmith and Shop Shutters

Offices, stores and other commercial buildings and properties often contain valuable items such as merchandise or sometimes even cash left in the till. That’s why as soon as you’ve had the misfortune of having your commercial property’s locks malfunction, give me a call at 07885430700 and I will be at your service in no time. I provide lock replacement services and can also upgrade your locking systems to more advanced ones to match the need of your business.

As part of my commercial services, I am a specialist in working with almost every shop or shutter work out there.
I also can help you see you weak points and vulnerable points in or around your business.

Residential Locksmith

Home is a place you go to feel safe and relax after long day of hard work, and no one deserves to feel that their own safety is threatened in their house. That is why if you ever find yourself faced with a lock related emergency, make no hesitation and reach out to me at Higgins locksmiths. I will be at your doorstep in no time, and not only will I fix, replace or upgrade your locks, but I will also provide a thorough inspection of your current locking mechanisms and guide you on areas that might leave you vulnerable and how you can avoid the risk of a home invasion or break-in.

Lock Replacement

In this offering, not only can I swap out broken or malfunctioning locks for you, but I also provide you the option to upgrade to a newer, more advanced locking system to ensure increased safety. When you avail of this service, you will also be given an assessment of your door and a walk through of its health; entirely free of charge.

Wood Door Alterations

In addition to locks and shutters, you can also reach out to me if you need services for any aspect of wooden doors; from installing new locks to modifying old locks to new ones, to preparation of frame for replacement doors, I can do it all for you, in less time and lesser costs.

A Wide Range of Safes

As with doors and shutters, I am also well versed in working with many different types of safes. Whether the make and model of your safe are new or old, I can provide on the spot assessments of your safe and free advice. If the size of your safe allows it, I can remove it and safely dispose of it in the correct manner.

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Wooden door alterations
I cover a wide range of safes