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Higgins Locksmiths is a professional 24-hour emergency locksmith company in Durham that has been serving residents and businesses for years. Dan is the sole proprietor who has been running this company for years. My goal is to ensure that I always provide the most efficient and professional 24-hour locksmith services in Durham and the surrounding areas with a personalized touch.

It’s no secret that modern homes and businesses are facing more burglary threats than ever. As the technology for locking systems advances, burglars keep learning to keep up with this technology. This means the locking system that you installed on your property some years back might not protect you and your valuable possessions from modern burglars. That’s where Higgins Locksmiths comes in.

Your safety, as well as, that of your loved ones and valuable possessions is my priority. What’s more, Higgins Locksmiths knows the importance of efficiency and professionalism when it comes to the provision of locksmith services. Trust me to take minutes to arrive at your home or business premises once you enlist my services.

Experienced Locksmith in Durham

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You don’t want to hire a person to experiment with your residential or commercial locking systems. Your goal is to hire an experienced professional that is up-to-date with the latest locking systems and security threats. That’s precisely what you get from Higgins Locksmiths.

I have been providing locksmith services in Durham for years. I have installed, repaired, replaced, and upgraded locks and locking systems in different residential and commercial properties. My professionalism and experience have earned me a sterling reputation for providing superior locksmith solutions.

I’m a certified, qualified, and experienced locksmith that you can hire for any job relating to your locks, keys, or locking system. Trust Higgins Locksmiths to always provide a highly efficient and quality locksmith service at a reasonable price 24/7. Call Higgins Locksmiths to request a free locksmith estimate or to set up a consultation appointment.

Your Safety is the Higgins Locksmiths’ Priority

Higgins Locksmiths takes a customer-oriented approach when providing locksmith services in Durham and the surrounding areas. Once you contact me seeking any of my Durham locksmith services, I listen to your concerns and suggestions attentively. This enables me to know what you need and how best I can provide it.

What’s more, Higgins Locksmiths is a flexible Durham locksmith company. Feel free to contact me at any time to ask questions or discuss your locksmith needs. Your ultimate satisfaction is always my priority. No matter how big or small your locksmith job is, I will do it with passion. Be confident that you will be impressed by the quality of my service.

Durham Locksmith with the Right Tools & High-Quality Locks

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Locks and locking systems are always advancing. That means serious locksmiths in Durham must keep up with modern technologies to provide quality services. Higgins Locksmiths is an innovative locksmith company that focuses on providing the most effective, quality, and dependable services.

To cater to the needs of every client, Higgins Locksmiths has invested in modern locksmith tools. This enables me to provide the most efficient and dependable locksmith 24-hour services. Most people call a locksmith when in a delicate situation. In such situations, the safety of a client and their property is mostly at risk. As such, a locksmith should do their job right.

Higgins Locksmiths will never cut corners when it comes to installing, replacing, repairing, or upgrading your locks or locking system. Be confident that Dan will never do a flimsy job. I use top-of-the-line tools and supplies to provide my services. Once you enlist my service, I will come to your property with high-quality, genuine products from the leading manufacturers. I will also use state-of-the-art tools to provide my services.

I know that there should be no loose ends when it comes to the safety of your commercial or residential property. As such, I make sure that your locks or locking systems are installed professionally. I install high-quality, genuine locks using the right tools. The locking system that I will install in your property will last longer providing the ultimate protection to your loved ones and valuable possessions.

Perhaps, you don’t know much about the latest locks. Maybe you’re not sure whether to upgrade or replace the current locking system in your property. Well, don’t waste more time thinking about what to do. Just get in touch with me to get professional advice and recommendations from the leading Durham locksmith.

Higgins Locksmiths Customers


Higgins Locksmiths is a full-service locksmith company. My services cater to the needs of both residential and commercial clients. Whether you need help with new lock installation in your home or locking system replacement in your business premises, Higgins Locksmiths is the company to call.

Even when you need help with a lockout or broken lock repair, Higgins Locksmiths is just a phone call away. I’m also a specialist in UPVC, misaligned frames, and faulty cylinders. And, all my locksmith solutions are highly cost-effective. Be confident that you will get the best estimate for any of your locksmith services.

Higgins Locksmiths caters to the locksmith needs of businesses, offices, schools, hospitals, and households. As long as you in Durban or any of the surrounding areas, you can set up an appointment or enlist my service at any time.

Best Locksmith with a Professional & Personalized Approach

Every client has unique needs when seeking help from Higgins Locksmiths. As such, I take a personalized yet personalized approach when providing my services. However, your satisfaction is always guaranteed whenever you enlist my services.

With Higgins Locksmiths, you’re always guaranteed a customer-centric approach. That means your needs will always come first. I know that the safety of your loved ones or possessions could be at risk when contacting me. Maybe you locked yourself outside your home. You might have also misplaced keys to your business premises or office. These are some of the predicaments that can put your safety, that of your loved ones or possessions at risk.

Call Higgins Locksmiths whenever you need an emergency Durham locksmith and I will help you. You may have come across my website after searching for the phrase ‘local locksmith near me’ on the internet. Maybe a friend recommended you to my services. Be confident that you will always get an efficient, professional, and affordable service whenever you reach out to Higgins Locksmiths.

In some cases, you can get sentimental when somebody breaks your home and gets away with something you’re emotionally attached to. I understand this when providing my services. With me, you will always get a friendly, courteous, and professional locksmith.

I will help you with any issue relating to your keys, locks, safe, or locking systems. It doesn’t matter whether you have a new locking system or old locks that need replacement. Higgins Locksmiths has the skills, tools, and experience required to handle any of your locksmith jobs. Just talk to me.

My Commitment

As I have mentioned time and again, your privacy and security will never be compromised when you avail of my locksmiths services. Being a locksmith Durham in this industry, I have had the misfortune of witnessing some horrific things. Not only does this result in the obvious monetary and emotional loss for the property owners, but it can also leave them with many trust issues. I want all my clients to know that I never encroach upon the faith you have set in me. This is something you will never experience with my service. Once contacted, I take quick action to secure the premises  and change all the locks for you; also advising you on some extra security measures for the future to prevent break-ins from happening.

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