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Without a doubt, I am the best locksmith for any related job in the greater Durham area. My Services for a locksmith Durham are guaranteed to be of top-notch quality. This is because not only do I carry all the necessary certifications and the qualifications that allow me to effectively be a locksmith Durham and do any lock-related work for you, I am a one-man-team and my services are miles ahead of any other provider on the market because I like to add personal touches to my work and develop relationships with my customers. Over the years I have built strong relations with my clients based on trust on account of the exceptional 24 hour services I provide as locksmith Durham, which they cannot find elsewhere. That is why they repeatedly turn to me in their time of need. I have never failed in delivering the quality of service that I promise. My clients mean the world to me and I ensure nothing but the very best quality service available. My work is extremely important to me, and so all my clients know they can trust me with their valuables and belongings. They know I will leave the place as I found it; except of course, having fixed the lock issues or upgrading your locking systems as per your requirements.

24H locksmith in Durham uk

Hi all this is me Dan. I am the only person from this company and under no circumstance will I send anyone out in my place. If someone says they are from this company please phone the police asap. I am working with the police in this matter thank you.

Whether you find yourself accidentally locked out of your house or the locks to your safes seem to be malfunctioning, the person you need for the job as locksmith Durham. These situations often put you and your loved ones at harm and can be a major inconvenience. Choose the right Locksmith! That’s why when choosing a locksmith, you must go with the one who cares the most about your well being and can get the job done in absolutely no time! I am a locksmith service based out of Durham, UK.

24/7 Services for all lock related emergencies 

Because I understand that an emergency that calls for a locksmith waits for no man, I am ready to be at your service no matter what the hour or day of the week it is. You heard that right; my services are available 24/7, 365 days a year. So regardless, if you are having a lock-related emergency in the dead of the night or on a weekend morning, give me a call and I will show up at your doorstep in a flash!

Rim cylinders

Rim cylinders are part of a rim night latch system (often referred to as a Yale type lock) they can be found on wooden doors, they are the outer part that you put your key into on the outside to open the door. This kind of cylinder has been around a very long time, I had one on my grandmas door the basic version has not changed even in these modern times.

Push-button locks

Push-button locks operate when the correct buttons are pushed in the proper sequence and the door knob is rotated to open the door. A new combination is set when the lock is installed using as many of the 5 buttons combinations as desired. Buttons may be pressed individually or in unison. There are Thousands of possible combinations to make it very hard to guess the code. These Can be found in wood doors but not limited to.

Euro cylinder

The basic 5 pin cylinders are the basic (entry level) cylinder lock for most doors. Although they do the job they are cheaply made and do not have the same security benefits of the more expensive cylinders like anti-snap and anti-drill. These are not suitable for external doors.


A 5 lever mortice deadlock is commonly fitted to wooden doors and has no through spindle for a handle. It is locked from both sides with a key, they are fitted within the material of the door and are vulnerable as they don't carry a hard plate. most commonly found in wood doors but not limited to.

Upgraded euro profile lock

This lock comes Featuring Anti-Bump, Anti-Pick, Anti-Screw and Anti-Drill protection, this cylinder is secure by Design and approved by a lot of people. This lock comes highly recommended by higginslocksmiths.co.uk as a locksmith. They come in a variety of sizes and are a must in high crime areas commonly found in UPVC, but not limited to.

UPVC internal mechanism

UPVC internal mechanism also known as a (gearbox) In some cases, when a multi point lock fails it is just the centre case that is faulty not the hole of your lock. So instead of replacing the complete full length multi point lock, you would only need to replace the gearbox but in some cases it is the case of replacing the lot, when its rusted or broken beyond repair.

Shop shutter bullet lock

Roller shutter security is an asset for any business when protecting businesses shop windows and doors. Shutter Locks, come in a variety with bullet locks and there housing, which can both be installed in shutter system's.

night latch

A night latch is a good lock that is fitted on the surface { Inside } of a door, it is operated from the out side of the door by a key and from the interior { Inside } side of the door by a Lach type knob and are the cause of about 30% of lock outs.

sash lock

A (sash lock) is used by using a handle lock, & latch system meaning you can open and close the door without the worry about it locking behind you. It comes in a variety of security levels and finishes dependant on requirements, they are insurance approved mortice sash locks just look for the BS3621 kite mark. Found most commonly in wood doors

Wireless video door bell

A video doorbell is a great add-on option for helping to increase the overall security of your home. video doorbells can be used to identify potential burglars, and alert homeowners quickly to potential threats and even put off potential criminals by alerting them about being recorded and making them think you are home. They Cary so meany features, like linking them to your smart phone, to alert you if there is motion out side your door. Can be adapted to fit a wide range of doors. Highly recommended.

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My lock seems broken can you help?

If its a repair you need then i am always available night or day.

What locks do you use?

All locks I fit are minimum british standard approved locks

Are you a franchise?

I am a Family run business and I understand how important your security is.

If i call will i be speaking to someone miles who just mans the phones?

No call centres, just a local phone number or a local mobile number.

I’ve lost my keys, can you help?

No problem. I have you covered

Can you get to where i live in Durham?

I can travel a 40 mile radius so i have your area covered.